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At the Law Office of Alberto Franco, you speak directly with me about your DUI, divorce, protective order, criminal charge or automobile accident case ... without having to rely on a secretary or assistant to relay your message, explain legal theories or provide you with an update on your case. 

I have more than ten years of experience helping the Tulsa community.

Call me or send me a text message today at 918-629-6216.

Areas of practice...

- Divorce


- Personal Injury

- Workers' Compensation

- Criminal Defense

- Protective Orders



Call or text The Law Office of Alberto Franco, a professional law corporation!

It is very risky to handle your own divorce without legal help. Attorney Alberto Franco sincerely believes that all of his clients benefit from his service as a divorce lawyer. He will protect your rights aggressively until the end!

          property DIVISION

In addition to addressing the complex details of property division, attorney Alberto Franco will work directly with you to address all aspects of property and debt division by considering a number of factors to make a final equitable determination. The Courts in Oklahoma refer to property distribution as "equitable." "Equitable" doesn’t mean equal, or even "fifty - fifty", but rather what is deemed to be fair by the District Courts.


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Visitation and custody orders during a divorce may have a major impact on your children. The Court can award joint or sole custody to the parties of the divorce. To make this decision, the Court takes into account the best interests of your children. During the divorce the Court also makes visitation and child support orders for your children. The Law Office of Alberto Franco is here to ensure that your rights to your children are protected.



The issue of child support can be a frustrating experience for both parents. Child support cases often involve a case with DHS as well as a case in Tulsa County Court. In Oklahoma, the child support formula is statutory. Several factors effect child support payments. The factors with the greatest impact are the income of both parents, what is paid for health insurance and daycare, and how many “over-night” visits the non-custodial parent will have. 


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